How we Operate

How we Operate

At Diligent Group, we strongly believe that a strategic staffing approach plays a crucial role in delivering an appropriate resource for successful project completion! Hence we leverage a stringent recruiting process to have a team of thorough professionals. How we do this?

We have invested in an extensive recruiting infrastructure including wide set of tools. Through our premeditated staffing model, we utilize this recruiting infrastructure to help find exceptional talent for your IT projects.

Our hiring process includes:

Extensive in-house database of prequalified candidates built by:
  • Networking with active and passive candidates
  • Job Postings / Job Fairs
  • Social Media Interaction
Pre-screening Process includes psychometric testing for:
  • Behavioral & Organizational Skills assessment
  • Personality/Attitude
  • Technical Skills evaluation
Upon receiving a requisition:
  • Our team of technical experts, first do an in-depth analysis of the project requirements to prepare a rigid screening framework.
  • Screen the right candidates who come through the screening.

Diligent Group Academy provides continuous learning and knowledge retention. Accordingly, Diligent Group, India provides 24×7 work options to meet deadlines and instant scalability to address any new adhoc requirements at a low cost.

Using such well-defined methodologies with our extensive recruiting expertise, we hire the best candidates that qualify for being true management consultants. They are subject matter experts in their field of specialization and are backed by our processes and tools.