Project Mgmt and QA

Project Mgmt and QA

Project Management

Diligent Group provides project management expertise and support personnel in program/project risk management, project controls, risk-based schedule analysis, decision analysis, supplier management, technology readiness level assessment, process analysis, and cost estimating and uncertainty analysis that enables our clients to reduce their overall risk profile. Diligent offers the unique capability of risk-based program/project management, spanning technical, schedule, and cost management to adapt a holistic view towards program/project success

Diligent’s program/project risk management process provides a comprehensive, iterative program to allow clients to identify and manage risk throughout their mission’s life-cycle. Proven methodology, comprehensive services, and a wide-ranging software tool-set provide a complete, integrated capability which makes DILIGENT the leading program risk management provider-of-choice for our clients. Additional service offerings include cost/benefit analysis, cost estimating and uncertainty analysis, strategic planning, six sigma process and training, LEAN implementation, management and facilitation services, root cause analysis (related to Sarbanes Oxley compliance and DOE financial reporting compliance), project management plans, project/process analysis, cost account management, and subcontractor management.

Project cost and schedule performance is significantly affected by the ability of the project owner to effectively support, monitor, and control the activities at any given project phase. Diligent has provided highly experienced owners agent support services to projects across the energy, space, and defense sectors, and has particular expertise in evaluating complex change order requests that have significant potential impact on a projects overall risk profile. Given the high unique domain knowledge, experience, and capabilities of Diligent personnel, we are often brought in to provide end-to-end project management services across all phases of highly complex projects.

Diligent has particular expertise in establishing or significantly enhancing risk management practices for clients. Our project management services assist clients in assessing multiple technical options based on technical, schedule, and cost parameters. Depending on several factors, such as project size, complexity, company priority, and risk, Diligent implements a graded approach to project management services that helps tailor the management effort required on any project to fit each client’s specific needs.

Software QA Services:

As a number one provider of full-cycle quality assurance and application testing we offer a diversified package of services delivered on different complexity levels with 360 quality. We combine a well-tailored QA audit process along with innovative tools and methods to provide you with tangible results for your outstanding progress.

Our services include:

QA Consulting QA Consulting.QA consulting offered by Diligent professionals is a complete, 360 process of QA audit. We provide a documented analysis of your project, along with fact-and-experience oriented recommendations, extensive knowledge sharing, real-time training, and KPI-based improvement of all processes within your QA department.
Full-cycle QA Full Life-cycle testing. Diligent’s Full Life-cycle Testing service is a well-developed framework allowing us to run the whole process from scratch. Starting from the requirement-gathering stage and continuing through the implementation and maintenance of solutions. Our team of professionals will test every interim deliverable to ensure that it meets all requirements and specifications.
Test automation Test automation. We at Diligent know how to avoid unproductive manual routines and cut development time. Applying test automation, we are able to run more tests in a shorter period of time and provide result-driven consulting. We combine test automation expertise and technology proficiency to increase productivity, as well as eliminate transition efforts and associated risks.
Mobile Testing Mobile testing. In a highly competitive landscape for mobile applications, superior quality is everything. With our unique 360 approach, we are able to deliver a number of tests to verify an app runs smoothly under various conditions. Diligent experts provide comprehensive testing coverage to optimize your applications and make them compatible with numerous devices.
Documentation Documentation Services. Professional software documentation is an inseparable part of QA and software testing process. Diligent team is ready to provide you with various types of clearly structured documents that can be easily adapted to multiple target audiences and translated into different languages. We can provide them la carte for the software that is already tested but still requiring documentation. The documents/white papers created by DILIGENT specialists are delivered in different formats and facilitate international distribution of applications.
Pre-Certification Pre-Certification. Certification is a consuming process both from time and cost perspectives. Our well-versed team of professionals offers pre-certification services in the areas of PCI DSS compliance, Section 508 compliance, compatibility with Microsoft platforms and products. Applying our unprecedented scheme of detecting non-compliance issues we prepare your software products and solutions for certification procedures with minimum time and money spent.
Web Application Testing Web Application Testing. We know how to overcome the specific challenges of Web application testing. We are capable of assembling a comprehensive testing mix for each application and make it Internet ready. Diligent professionals help Internet-facing products and solutions match up against the competition for successful covering strategic objectives.

The effective combination of 360 approach and the diversified package of services allow us to build the process from scratch and implement end-to-end testing successfully. Diligent’s dedicated team of experts is ready to exercise comprehensive work to guarantee your success.

Test Automation

  • Cut overall QA costs by avoiding unproductive manual routines
  • Shorten development time by accelerating testing cycles
  • Improve automated testing processes with results-driven consulting

We contribute test automation expertise and technology proficiency to increase clients’ productivity, as well as minimize transition efforts and associated risks.

Results-driven approach:

DILIGENT offers four major services, each targeting current strategic or operational objectives, to best match clients’ testing needs:

  • Support informed decision making about test automation implementation
  • Roll out full-scale test automation processes from scratch
  • Accomplish ad-hoc automation tasks
  • Improve existing automated testing processes

Preliminary Audit and Consulting:

Investments made in test automation to achieve greater productivity often fail to deliver. Attempts to continuously achieve significant results through automated testing may prove unsuccessful due to:

  • Unstable software functionality
  • Lack of required expertise, or
  • Insufficient process maturity

DILIGENT offers professional pre-project consulting aimed to guide clients through the process and support informed decision making that sync with test automation strategies.

Full Cycle Test Automation:

DILIGENT’s end-to-end service allows customers to roll out a full test automation process from scratch. In-line with clients’ high-level vision and implementation strategies, followed by a detailed transition plan, DILIGENT delivers a complete scope of activities to successfully implement automated testing:

We make sure each step of the cycle is completely transparent to all involved parties, including project managers, development and QA teams.

Once the testing process has been launched and the customer decides to carry on automated testing in-house, DILIGENT will continue providing ongoing support and counseling. Additionally, our test automation services include knowledge transfer and training the customers testing team.

Activities Outsourcing:
Time & Material, Dedicated Team

Even established software development powerhouses may sometimes suffer from a lack of internal resources to resolve a pressing test automation task. This may include launching automated tests for a new product or individual tasks that involve script coding and running, deployment of necessary tools, or other tasks within the test automation process to optimize clients’ resources, DILIGENT offers:

  • Fast allocation of a mid-term testing team on a T&M basis
  • Establishing a long-term dedicated team

Process Improvement:
Monitoring, Optimization, Response to Changes

The development process is unlikely to proceed uninterrupted by change requests, which may affect both functionality and solution architecture. For automated testing, it is crucial to address such changes as quickly as possible by promptly modifying the testing routine. DILIGENT’s professionals ensure full control and manageability of process adjustments by smoothly optimizing and adapting existing testing, as well as creating new automated tests to meet changing conditions.

Diligent’s Approach to Test Automation

The above services relate closely to DILIGENT’s main components of the test automation process. For every step, we offer a specific approach built to minimize the risks of possible disruption of the automated testing process, and to optimize the costs of testing. Depending on the particular circumstances and stage of a project, the Diligent team will suggest the most relevant interaction options and service levels.

During the initiation stage, the greatest amount of time is spent gauging the functional scope of a project and completing the required knowledge transfer. Therefore, identifying the core functionality underlying the UI and the application business logic will help a project team gear up for work. In this phase, the key requirements for automated testing are outlined, and the implementation cost calculation methods are mapped.

To facilitate a smooth kickoff, Diligent has a number of ready-made project templates (frameworks), which require minimal effort to roll out a working version of automated tests within a short time frame.

Each testing scenario goes through acceptance tests for all possible input data. Once the initial test has been run, the automated tests are executed on a daily basis. Run in different environments, the tests may reveal application defects as well as inconsistencies in the automated tests themselves.

Test Development

During this stage, the majority of time is spent on description, development, testing and execution of automated tests. We seek to minimize the resources engaged in developing general functionality. Should the project scope require more resources for test development, the team can be expanded easily, at no risk, thanks to the successfully completed initial phase.

Depending on the project size, the test development stage can take considerable time. When this is the case, to ensure interim results delivery we recommend dividing the active development stage into one-month phases.

Automated Test Execution:

The extent of support provided for automated tests depends on the number of change requests affecting the business logic and UI of the tested application.

With our approach to automated tests development, the impact of such changes on the automated tests execution will be kept to a minimum. The controls we use are based on more stable and unique object properties. Custom application content, like menu or certain business logic rules, is stored outside of the code. With this approach, there is no need to seek additional help from developers to incorporate changes to automated tests.